Gerald Clark initially qualified in Nursing and manipulative therapy. He uses dowsing as a tool for diagnosis and his treatment techniques include massage, orthopathy, healing and the use of magnets.

Gerald has a successful practice in Worthing, West Sussex and visits London occasionally. He is willing to give an introductory talk to both professional therapists or interested groups.

Dowsing and Sensing Energies - Introductory Workshops with Gerald Clark

This workshop will be relevant to the needs of a wide range of therapists as it deals with energies from acupucture points, crystals, herbs, homeopathic medicines, and health supplements. It can also be very helpful for physical therapists.

Hand and finger sensations are explored, and suggestions are made for further self-improvement. The use of the pendulum is then introduced.

Favourable and unfavourable meetings of energies are demonstrated by a simple "to and fro" technique. This could be very helpful as a way of testing for allergies.

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