Sunday 19th March 2006, 2pm - 12am
Creative Forum OpenSpace @ The Square social centre,
21-22 Russell Square, London WC1,
Part of United Diversity's 'Another World is Blossoming' festival


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You are invited to the Creative Forum this Sunday at Russell Square.
A collectively self-organised conference for linking with others, discussing, and planning. Use the event to reach people to help make your projects happen. Come along and talk about any new ideas you have, or prepare to foster new ones. By participating more actively, the conference can be more responsive. It's just a matter of suggesting a session and announcing it, via central noticeboard and facilitators.

A session can be a presentation, a call out, a discussion, a plan... Everyone agrees to the 'Law of two feet': if you feel you are not contributing or gaining from a particular session it is fine to move on to another. This creates a focused, creative, informal environment to be in. Add to the shared list of 'wants and needs', to tap into the skills and resources of those gathered for the event.

The event features a debate done in a Cogers-style on the 'state of the world now and the challenges that face us', with speakers introducing alternative technologies and diverse business models. A debating method as way to negate the difficulties of networking and the meeting of minds. Towards the evening films and accoustic music will start - NB special request for participants in this - but the workshops and open-space sessions will continue on through to the end.

Leap-frogging from this event there is to be much more public event at a later date specifically for expanding and actively promoting the projects. Creative Forums are a gathering of capable and knowledgable people to pool our resources and create solutions. A creative, environmental, grass-roots, forward thinking atmosphere. Come to share your projects and to learn from others.

Current participants:
Solaroof/Ecoshelter • London Biennale self-organised art festival • EcoAction Sustainable communities Forum • The Conscious Fashion Week • Globalvision 2000 • Art Not Oil • PeaceNotWar collective • A World to Win • Caracas Trollparty report and talk on open-source • A new model for Housing Co-ops • • LETSlink • Open Capital • Sunday Soundz accoustics • Networking and Creating Friendships • Economic Change Discussions • Practical Activism • Positive Change

There will be food, music, films and photography exhibition. We ask for a non-compulsory donation to support our related projects.

Thanks and be great to see you and hear your ideas on Sunday!
The Creative Forum - http://www.creativeforum.org

creative visions of another world: harmony; inclusivity; participation; empowerment; authentic communication. The Creative Forum exists as a space for bringing together different and diverse groups and individuals to meet and share and network alternatives to the conventional way of thinking with regards to global political ecological and ethical relationships.